5 Reasons you have to open a Facebook Store now

Yoav Maor / September 20, 2016

It’s common knowledge that shopping has shifted from in-store to over the internet. But simply creating an online store with its own domain is not enough to provide you with the framework on which to build a successful  business. Cue Facebook’s Store feature: the solution to all of your eCommerce woes. Facebook Store is where social media and eCommerce collide into one big, beautiful interface where you can keep track of business essentials while gaining customer reach and increasing sales.

Statistics show that 1.13 billion users log onto facebook daily. Considering the basic features of Facebook, such as invitations to “like” pages, the ability to post, share and comment, and ability to browse the “suggested pages” section, it’s a no-brainer that creating a Facebook Store will get you more attention. Still not convinced? Here are five reasons why your online retailer or eCommerce store should be selling on Facebook.

1.Create New Connections and Maintain Relationships

Facebook provides you with the power of connection. Your personal Facebook page is a given collection of potential customers. With one click you can send out an invitation to “like” your store.  Additionally, in order to stay relevant and fresh on your followers’ mind, you must strategically post on your page. Post articles, create contests and giveaways. Material that goes beyond trying to make a sale is most effective (and least annoying); the goal is to encourage communication and participation. The beauty of Facebook is that it is all about posting, sharing, tagging, and re-posting. Word can spread like wildfire, but it is your responsibility to keep the conversation going.


2. Target Your Audience

Facebook makes it easy to target your desired audience. The platform enables users to filter potential customers by region as well as view those who like specific pages. This makes it easy to narrow down your audience to those who are most likely to be interested in your product (and yes, you can view your competitor’s followers). Businesses who target their audience stand a better chance at gaining support and acquiring new customers.

3. Simplify Tasks & Minimizes Costs

It costs ZERO dollars to create a Facebook Store. However, it does require basic knowledge on how to build an app. Luckily, platforms such as Shopify, Wix, and BigCommerce have platforms that will make setting up a Facebook Store easy. Each platform offers slightly different functionality, but the idea is that they all take information from your current product portfolio and provide you with templates, apps and other tools to help simplify the process of creating a store. Changes you make through these platforms will even update to Facebook, automatically. These services will lower your expenses spent on technical website designers and, overall, give you more bang for your buck.


4. Keep Them Where They Are

Why deter people from Facebook to browse a shop when they can stay on the same web page? People on Facebook like to stay connected; while they browse a store, they can continue to Facebook Chat friends and see their notifications. Keep them where they are and browsing can be made easier. Another plus is that, with Facebook, your content is automatically mobile-friendly!

5. Utilize a Cohesive Interface For all Business-Related Needs

Whether you are going directly through Facebook, or by a secondary platform, all of your business related affairs are under one roof. This provides a clean way to perform and visualize business operations. Think about not having to bounce from your email account to your website to an Excel chart with stats… it sounds almost too good to be true. Communication with customers, management of products, marketing and statistics can all be on the same platform.  Now that’s efficient.

These are only five out of many reasons why establishing a Facebook Store will be beneficial to your online retailer or eCommerce business. With the right combination of excellent product and customer service, content that sparks public interest, and knack for social media, a Facebook Store could give your business the attention and growth it needs. Start a Facebook Store for yourself and see what the hype is all about!