The Amazon SEO Strategy Tips You Need to Know

Yoav Maor / May 17, 2017

If you are an eCommerce retailer in 2017, chances are you are selling at least a part of your product catalog on Amazon.

With 136 billion dollars net sales in 2016, there is no larger marketplace to generate revenue from hundreds of millions of potential buyers.

However to get your products recognized and seen by this vast audience, eCommerce retailers need a comprehensive Amazon SEO strategy.

Without it, that potential revenue stream will fall into the hands of competitors.

But how do you create such an Amazon SEO strategy?

By understanding how the Amazon algorithm works, and tailoring your strategy around outranking, outperforming, and outsmarting the competition.

Let’s take a deeper look into everything you need for a great Amazon SEO strategy in 2017:

Amazon A9: The Amazon Ranking Algorithm

Unlike Google search results, Amazon has created its own ranking algorithm for retailers to gain maximum visibility of their products.

They have called it Amazon A9, which also sounds like a potential title for the next Bond movie.

In reality, however, understanding the A9 for your Amazon SEO strategy is the baseline for any vendors looking for high volume selling on the marketplace.

Due to its fairly new inception, the keyword algorithm is actually quite simple, and not nearly as complex as its counterpart in Google.

Take the example below, where you can see the phrase “multivitamin” was typed into the search box.

amazon seo search

Now look what happens when you put a space between and search for “multi vitamin”

amazon seo search

The amount of search results is cut by over 10,000 products!

This drastic change of product listing tells us a few things about an effective Amazon SEO Strategy:

  1. Keywords: Ensure that you are including as many keyword variations of your products as you possibly can. Both long and short tail keywords will allow for a wider, more targeted audience.
  2. Relevance: Amazon A9 does not look kindly upon filling your product information up with keywords from areas of irrelevance. Keep your Amazon SEO strategy simple, yet targeted to the right audience.

To properly optimize each part of your Amazon SEO strategy, you must segment your decision making into various parts.

Let’s dive right into how Amazon can be a game-changer for your online business.

Amazon SEO Strategy 1: Product Images

High-quality, relevant images of the product you’re selling goes a long way in both Amazon SEO, as well as conversions from customers.

Because it is entirely possible that you could be selling a product similar or exactly as other merchants, great imagery is an important tool for differentiating yourself from the competition.

Take a look at this example below of different Amazon sellers offering a similar product:

amazon seo comparison

The clear answer is the product farthest to the left.

A clear, close-up image of the fragrance clearly conveys what the bottle looks like at first glance.

Customers will more likely than not then click through to the product page where they will be provided more information before purchase.

When formulating an Amazon SEO strategy, product images should be at the forefront of your decisions. Remember, visuals are everything!

Amazon SEO Strategy 2: Product Titles

For online shoppers, titles hold a high level of importance for deciding which product to click on.

It is where one of the first impressions of the product is made, and thus must be optimized for both SEO and aesthetic purposes alike.

Amazon suggests including various types of information such as:

  • Colour
  • Size
  • Product Line
  • Packaging
  • Quantity
  • Key Feature

Take a look at this example of multivitamin listings of the same product shown in three different organic results on Amazon; desktop, mobile, and right rail ads.

amazon seo strategy keyword

The breakdown of character limits is as follows: 115-144 in desktop organic, 30-33 in right rail ads, and 55-63 in mobile organic.

So, what does this mean for your Amazon SEO strategy? Including the right, relevant keywords at the BEGINNING of your Amazon product titles.

From a practical standpoint, this ensures that your potential customers will understand your Amazon product listing regardless of what medium they are using for search purposes.

From an SEO perspective, including the Amazon suggested keywords front and center will go a long way in getting that organic ranking up.

Pro tip: Take a look at what your competition is using for their Amazon SEO strategy. A great tool we highly recommend is Helium 10. Their tool enables you to see what your competition is ranking for on Amazon, and recommends strategies to take your Amazon SEO strategy to the next level.

Amazon SEO Strategy 3: Unique Product Information and Accurate Data

One of the best ways to stand out from the crowded Amazon marketplace is by providing better, more accurate data to your customers.

One of the leading reasons for Amazon returns or negative reviews is the lack of accurate information about the product listings.

To separate yourself from the competition, including some simple best practices for your product information such as:

  • Giving shoppers as much detail about the product as possible. This includes going beyond just product specifications, but features of your product listings as well
  • Using bullet points to concisely and effectively convey your product information. Bullet points offer both SEO and practical benefits to your Amazon product listings.
  • Using a product information tool to scale your thousands of Amazon product listings. Sigmento offers Amazon merchants a machine algorithm that will create unique content, titles, and ASIN finders for all your product needs.


Having an Amazon SEO strategy in 2017 is the only way to properly optimize, convert, and sell on the Amazon marketplace.

Amazon has truly become a giant in the eCommerce world, with hundreds of thousands of merchants looking to utilize the hundreds of millions of active daily shoppers.

By using tools such as high-quality product images, long-tail keywords in your product titles, and providing unique and accurate product data, you will see your Amazon product rankings soar past the competition

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