JacobTime Uses Sigmento
to optimize their product data information

Industry: Luxury Watches

Location: New York, NY

Favorite Sigmento Feature: Specification Standardization


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The Company

JacobTime is a company that has not shied away from the ever-changing retail landscape. Originally a wholesaler to Brick and Mortar watch stores, they saw the evolution of eCommerce coming over 13 years ago.

“We kind of saw this shift in consumer trends from the traditional in-person shopping experience to people starting to enjoy shopping from the comforts of their own home,” Albert Chakalo, COO of JacobTime told us.

Albert and JacobTime’s forward-thinking approach made them a leading eCommerce watch retailer and transformed their business.

“We really didn’t have any experience in eCommerce. We actually hired customers of ours at the time who had experience in selling online to join our team, and the business took off from there.”


Like many eCommerce businesses today, JacobTime has an extensive catalog with thousands of brands and styles, many with unique product attributes.

“We pride ourselves on offering our customers a wide-range of watches for all types and personalities. However, with an extensive offering comes a lot of product data information that has to be provided,” Albert explained.


Sigmento was a natural fit for JacobTime at a time when they were looking to grow their eCommerce presence.

By sourcing thousands of on-demand product attributes, specifications, and SKUs from Sigmento, JacobTime was able to focus their efforts on growing the business instead of worrying about product data.

“Sigmento really helped us in our marketplaces business such as eBay, Amazon, and Google Shopping where certain types of attributes are required that we didn’t have like UPCs and GTINs,” Albert said.

Sigmento prides itself on providing the most relevant and accurate product data information at scale for all eCommerce retailers, enabling businesses like JacobTime to grow and thrive.


Albert understands the importance of keeping up with what his eCommerce competitors are doing.

“eCommerce is such an evolving industry. As a business, we must always keep up-to-date on the newest technologies and techniques our competition is utilizing, and then come up with ways to surpass those ideas.”

That’s great advice for any business.

Sigmento really helped us with product data information for online marketplaces

Albert Chakalo, COO of JacobTime