Retailers: Beware of Outsourcing Product Content to Freelancers

Yoav Maor / December 5, 2016

For many retailers, outsourcing the creation of product content to freelancers is a very practical and efficient solution – outsourcing a specific task is almost always cheaper than hiring a full time or even part time employee. As an online store, one of the most important factors in converting visitors to customers is the quality of your product pages. Product pages are what guide shoppers in the purchase process, and the content they see on these pages will have a direct and measurable impact on how well your items sell.

We have written on several occasion of the importance and value of using high quality, original content on your product pages (both text and images) and while it may seem like a quick fix, outsourcing this task carries several very significant risks that will impact your bottom line.


Outsourcing to Non-Native English Speakers
With so many freelance marketplaces such as Fiver, Upwork, oDesk, and Freelancer emerging, it seems that you can have someone write all the content you need for very cheap. The downside? You risk having your product descriptions written by someone for whom English is not their native language. Regardless of their English level, for non-native English speakers and writers, there are many nuances, expressions and slang that simply do not translate into their native tongue, and this plays out in their writing.

Duplicate and Inaccurate Content
We constantly encounter many retailers who opt for outsourcing their product content to inexperienced freelancers and end up with duplicate content, as well as high rates of inaccurate product information as they lose the ability to control the quality and processes of content collection and creation. This can lead to your products not showing up in search results on Google and Marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon. Additionally, wrong product information can lead to shoppers purchasing the wrong products, and in-turn demanding refunds and losing trust in your brand.

It’s All About The Brand
When building your eCommerce business, one of the elements you will constantly work on developing is your brand. With product content, it is critical to create unique, accurate content, providing shoppers the information they need to make a purchase decision. When outsourcing content creation to freelancers, you relinquish control of the content creation process, making it very challenging to maintain shoppers trust in your Brand.


Cheap content will get you cheap results. When your content writer is not invested in your brand, needs to translate content into their native tongue, and is not familiar with the products you sell or your target audience, you run the risk of wasting time and money on ineffective product content that can reduce your brand value, visibility, and mislead customers. Invest in product content as a means to save money and increase sales– it will pay for itself in the long term.