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Sigmento provides optimized product data for your entire catalog on-demand

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Product Information at your fingertips

Add structured product information to your entire catalog with just a few clicks. Our machine learning algorithm will improve SEO, increase conversions, and get your products standing out from the competition.

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Specifications and Attributes

Full Specifications & Attributes

Sigmento provides you with all of the important specifications and attributes customers need to make a purchase decision- from size to color to dimensions.

Standardized Data

Our product data is standardized to increase the readability of your product information and improve the look of your product pages.

Validated & Accurate

Increase brand value and trust among customers by providing them product information that is valid and accurate.


Marketplace Optimized

Sigmento provides the most relevant and profitable categories for eBay, Amazon and Google shopping.

Automated Taxonomy

Only sell on your own site? Use our categories and save time trying to build your own taxonomy.

Improve Customer Experience

Include categories on your product pages to improve navigation, as 60% of customers head straight to a website's navigation menu.

Title Builder

Unique Product Titles

Add unique product titles for every product in your catalog on-demand, replacing expensive content writers & eliminating duplicate content.

Optimized for Search Engine

Every Sigmento title is unique, and created to optimize traffic from both search engines such as Google, and marketplaces, by including keywords customers are searching for.

Marketplace Specific

Our titles match can the requirements of eBay, Amazon and Google Shopping, so you don't have to manually customize data for each channel.

Product Identifiers

Validated Identifiers

Don't have identifiers for every product? Add Brand, MPN, UPC, EAN or ASIN to every item in your catalog.

Increase Traffic

Including all the relevant product identifiers will increase your traffic on search engines such as Google and Bing, as well as marketplaces like eBay, Amazon and Jet.

Remove Inaccurate Listings

Eliminate duplicate & incorrect product listings by adding validated product identifiers to every product in your catalog, increasing catalog accuracy and customer satisfaction.

Upload your products

Upload a CSV file with your products' brand + MPN, UPC or ASIN

Instant Processing

Get unique titles, optimized specifications, and category recommendations on‑demand

Download products

Download complete product data, using your store's output template

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