Online shoppers want better product information. Are you overlooking it?

Yoav Maor / December 12, 2016

Product information is of tremendous sales asset and a competitive advantage for online retailers who place an importance on enhancing the quality of that information. What appears to be obvious, necessary steps, such as writing unique high-quality descriptions, adding product videos and using high-resolution images, are often overlooked.


Do your customers even care about product information?

Per an Oracle study on product information, 37% of online shoppers wanted more detailed and visual product information on shopping sites. A survey by Shotfarm of more than 1,500 consumers found that 40% had returned an online purchase specifically because of poor product content, while one in four had returned an item due to inaccurate product information. In fact, 30% of those consumers abandoned a cart because of poor product descriptions, which was the third most common reason after cost (61%) and delivery time (33%).

According to the same Shotfarm report, when it came to brand trust, 86% of those surveyed said they would be unlikely or very unlikely to make a repeat purchase on an eCommerce site that provided wrong or incomplete product details.

How can accurate and complete production information help your eCommerce business?

Earley reported that better product data had led to greater than 20% increase in SEO traffic and SEO product page entries, while product search click-through (CTR) and product detail page conversions increased by 40%.
Better product data also increased customer satisfaction and website usability by 20%. It drastically increased the pace of item on-boarding by up to 2X times. Revenue also increased between 5% and 15% when they added detailed product attributes to products available online.

Don’t overlook Product Information

Online retailers cannot underestimate online shoppers’ need for more detailed product information along with high quality pictures to convey the look and feel of items. Good product information is necessary for great user experience, increasing brand value, improving traffic from SEO, and decreasing returns amongst many other benefits.