Sigmento Platform Update Summer 2017

Eduardo Vaisman / August 22, 2017

We’re proud to bring you the latest version of Sigmento’s on-demand Product Information as a Service platform v1.3.2

In this release, we focused on making the platform more streamlined and easier to use when you are working on one or a handful of products.

Sigmento’s platform has always been great at handling bulk imports via CSV files, but sometimes you just want to make a quick edit to an existing product or add a new product to your batch manually. Now you can do both.

Edit Details for a Single Product
Fix minor issues and put the finishing touches on your Batches without the downloading and uploading. Hover over the item you want to edit and click the “Pencil” icon on the left side.

Edit Product


Manually Add a Single Product
When you only need to add one product, you can enter it directly in the platform and get your Product Data faster. Click “+ Add Product” at the top left.

Add New Product

And, coming soon, in-platform bulk updates!

Import Reports
We also added Import Reports – your valid products will import, and the ones with an issue will be available in a new report listing the reason we couldn’t import it. Reasons include missing SKU, invalid UPC, missing product identifiers, etc. No more re-uploading a whole batch because of one typo.

Import Reports

Finally, we recently updated the format for the Output export to make data review and edits easier.

Our mission is to streamline and automate everything you need to generate perfect product pages and sell more. Let us know what you think of the latest release, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your feedback, questions, and suggestions. Thanks for using Sigmento!


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