Top 5 Methods to Use Facebook Ads to Boost Your Sales

Yoav Maor / October 5, 2016

Let’s get straight to the point. Targeted advertising is the way of the future. Targeted advertising means gearing your ads towards the exact demographic of people you think will be most likely to buy your product. To find the perfect target-audience, one must look at individuals’ age, location, personal interests, hobbies, and behaviors, to the extent that they are able. Facebook knows it’s users, and this is why, if there were to only be one reason, it’s a no-brainer that using Facebook Ads for your eCommerce business is a great choice.

1.Tell a Brand Story

As you may have noticed, Facebook Ads has a new feature they call ‘Sequence Ads’. This method of advertising allows you to choose and deliver a personalized sequence of advertisements all to one person. This sequence, shown in intervals of days, tells a brand story. To create the most effective sequence of ads, consider brand awareness (first), product information (second) and a call to action (third). The ‘call to action’ is an offer of the type “Sign Up Now” or “Subscribe to Our Newsletter”, etc. Statistics show an 87% increase in people visiting landing pages when they are shown the sequenced ads, versus those who are shown simply one ad.Utilizing sequential advertising is an active, ever-changing and more involved way of appealing to your viewers.

Multi-Product Facebook advertising can also be utilized to tell a brand story. Rather than having multiple ads, the Multi-Product option depicts a scrollable catalogue of products. This method increases click rates 50-300%, shows CPA efficiencies up to 261%, and due to more product options, reduces the cost per click up to 35%.facebook_imageune

2.A/B Testing

The goal of advertising is to appeal to your desired audience. Because nothing can be perfect the first time around, Facebook allows you to test the waters in order to create the perfect ads for your various target audiences. For example, after your first round of advertising, A/B testing allows you to view which ads were appealing to which types of people by providing you with statistics. From this you will be able to deduct who your audience is, what types of ads are effective for them, and what changes should be made in the next round. ConversionXL suggests that to be most effective in your advertising process, start with a large audience and a small set of ads. From there, make the proper adjustments in advertising based on the statistics you receive. A/B testing is yet another tool that maximizes the efficiency of your ads, saving you money on empty-clicks and time on otherwise ineffective advertising.

3.More on Targeting: Lookalike Audience & Retargeting

The ability to create Lookalike Audiences and launch Retargeting Programs are important details that factor into why Facebook is a wonderful option for advertising. The Lookalike Audience feature finds a batch of new Facebook profiles for your business based on your current Facebook connections (i.e. people who like your page or visit your website). This feature is a brilliant and logical way of expanding your potential customer reach. Additionally, Retargeting Programs are a way to keep your current followers and customers engaged. With the Custom Audience feature, you can create ads geared specifically towards, let’s say, the not-so-frequent purchasers. The ads should boast offers, and coupons, and/or sweepstakes – all effective methods of re-sparking the customers’ interests and reeling them back in.

4.Measurable Video Ads

Who makes it through a scroll-down on their Facebook NewsFeed without watching a single video? Combined with Facebook Insights (more later), Facebook can provide you with stats on how your video ad is being received: who the audience is and how many views it is getting. This is unique because opposed to regular television ads, Facebook can measure the exact demographic of people who are viewing the ad, and then measure the customer conversion rate. This will allow you to constantly modify and improve your video ad campaign, just as you can do with the non-video advertisements Facebook offers. According to Adobe, shoppers that watch video advertisements are 1.81 times more likely to purchase items than are non-viewers. Additionally, the dimension of video ads new depth, creativity and movement to your run-of-the-mill, still ad.

A photo by Tomohiko Nogi.

5.Facebook Insights & Mobile Accessibility

As always, Facebook Insights makes the list for top reasons why Facebook rocks as an advertising platform. Facebook Insights is what provides you with the analytics on all aspects of your ad campaign and on-facebook eCommerce business. These statistics are made possible because information on Facebook is quantifiable. Because Facebook automatically analyzes everything for you, it is easy for you to look for trends and, therefore, make your advertising campaign more efficient and effective. The cherry on top of why you should use Facebook Ads for your eCommerce business is that all of your ads will automatically be mobile friendly! How awesome is that?

In conclusion, utilizing this social media network for advertising can be very beneficial to your eCommerce business. It can save you time and money, help you hone in on your ultimate target audiences, keep them engaged, find new potential customers, and provide you with statistics so that you can constantly be changing and growing with your followers. Facebook Ads is the way to go –  we say it’s definitely worth a try!