Your Data, Just the Way You Like it

Eduardo Vaisman / February 11, 2018


Sigmento’s mission is to make your life as an online retailer better by seamlessly enriching product catalogs with accurate and relevant data. We let you get back to creative marketing that adds value and builds your brand’s relationship with your customers – instead of copy-pasting in Excel. We’ve developed the core technology to source, validate, and standardize all the data you need to sell online. The final step is to export Sigmento’s standardized product information and import it into your ERP, PIM, or eCommerce platform.

Today we’re happy to share with you our latest feature to make
that last integration step both easier and more flexible:
Export Profiles.

Export Profiles enable eCommerce managers and marketers to finely tune how products look to their customers and maintain a consistent brand. No matter how the underlying data changes over time, Export Profiles preserve your custom standardization.

Every business has their own standardization needs, rising from the brand’s image as well as the specific platforms in use. Until now, there’s been an “Excel” step or custom connector between exporting enriched data and uploading to a PIM or eCommerce store.

No more.

Set up your Export Profiles once and you have ready-to-use templates that transform your data just the way you like it.


Here’s how it works:

Once you’ve processed a representative sample of products that covers the categories and item types that you sell, go to the “Export Profiles” screen via the Settings menu to create a new export profile to use with your PIM, eCommerce Platform, or marketplace listing.

Click the Plus icon to create a new Export Profile. Name your profile and save it.

You can now map the standard attribute fields that are provided in all categories
(SKU, Brand, MPN, UPC, ASIN, and Item Type). We’ll get to category-specific attributes in a minute.

You can also use the toggle switches to disable fields that you do not need in your exports.

Now, choose a category to begin creating a template for a specific product type.

In the category view you can map our fields to your desired export field.
You can also create multiple copies of an attribute and map it to different output fields according to your own business logic.
Hover over each attribute to reveal the “Copy” and “Value Settings”.

Customize your attribute values on the “Value Settings” screen using simple mappings and business rules. Control the look and feel of the information on your product pages to fit your brand and give your customers a consistent experience.

Another option is to create a new attribute based on an existing one.

After creating your rules and mappings, review your work by saving your changes and clicking on the “preview” button.

You can also create a fixed export field that will repeat in all the products for the category by
clicking the “Add New Export Field” button at the bottom of the attributes list.

Once your templates are ready, click the “Sigmento” logo to go back to your Batches.
You can now export a category of your products using your desired Export Profile.

Enjoy your custom report!

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